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As members of the United Chiropractic Association, we agree with their core values. This embraces a paradigm of healthcare that is not condition focused but is based on the premise of maximizing the potential for the individual patient, regardless of their age, to express and live their full potential. As such, whilst on a day to day basis chiropractors see patients, including children with a range of 'conditions' which often respond quite remarkably to chiropractic care, the UCA recommends that chiropractors make no claim to treat any specific disorder, preferring to take a holistic view of their patient and seek improved 'whole of life' outcomes.


When we seperate the physical and look at the body as an engineer looks at a structure, many questions that patients have asked, answer themselves. The bones of the spine house and protect the spinal cord as well as the beginning of the nerves that go out to the muscles, joints and organs of the body.

Our goal for each patient is for them to understand how their body works and help them have control over it.

In 1978, while Duncan was studying Chiropractic at the original Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, USA, he studied what was then a new technique. It was based on posture and it had been observed that although most chiropractors were very sucessful at relieving many of a patients symptoms, they could not stop them from recurring.


Don Harrison DC, an engineer, discovered that when a patient’s spine was evaluated using engineering measurements and then adjusted opposite to how it was found, ( mirror image), he started to get more reliable and predictable changes and results.


As well as moving the spine, specific exercises and postural traction were developed to change bad posture back toward the ideal. As the tension is released from the spine and therefore the spinal cord, the nerves that lead to the organs, head, arms and legs should function better.


Since 1978 Duncan has used this data to help patients to improve their health. For the last 12 years, Orpington Chiropractic Clinic has had the equipment, including x-ray, (if needed), to evaluate each patient who comes into the clinic. We show each patient where their spine is damaged or the structure altered and how it has affected their posture and/or health. This therefore gives each patient a clear understanding of how their posture affects everyday life and how they can change it.


We have three chiropractors trained in this approach to posture. They are willing to spend time to explain their findings to each patient so that they can decide if they want to benefit from treatment of this kind.

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